What is the Five Product Face all about?

To put it bluntly, the Five Product Face is my response to a beauty industry and community that I feel has gotten out of hand. While I’m excited for all the entrepreneurs and content creators that have found great success in this new beauty landscape, there’s still a lot of work to do. The following sums up why I started this blog:

  • Because I believe that the keys to great results are high-quality, high-performance products with great ingredient decks, not the size of your makeup and skincare collection.
  • Because I believe consumers of all skin tones should be able to make informed cosmetic purchases and be equally catered to by brands.
  • Because I believe there should exist a resource that can serve consumers no matter how minimal or advanced their beauty collections, experience, or knowledge may be.
  • Because I’m exhausted by the concocted flaws and repackaged trends the beauty industry uses to sell cheaply made, unproductive products.
  • Because I believe that celebrating and enhancing natural features need not come at the expense of self-expression and playfulness.
  • Because I believe that makeup and beauty products should be seen as tools to use in the pursuit of a more positive, confident, and constructive outlook on life.

What is the Five Product Look?

We shouldn’t need to use 10, 15, or 20 products to create beautiful makeup looks that make us feel great. This blog centers around the Five Product Face, a complete look that can be achieved with just five products (or even less).

A quick note:

We all have different needs and preferences when it comes to blemishes, brows, skin prep, etc. Because the following steps are not universal, they will not typically be included the Five Product Look.

  • Priming and setting the face.
  • Filling in the eyebrows.
  • Concealing spots and circles.

Who am I?

I’m Jamie, a Boston-born, Atlanta-based graduate student with a passion for beauty and traveling. Although this blog focuses on beauty, I may incorporate my travels or other interests in my posts.