My New Cruelty Free FAQ Page

The best things in life are cruelty free. Five Product Face.

When I tell other makeup lovers that these days I shop almost 100% cruelty-free beauty, sometimes it’s a little awkward. Like when you’re taking a giant bite of a delicious, overly-processed bacon cheeseburger and the person you’re with decides right then would be the best time to tell you they’re a vegan. Their proclamation is just a fact, sure, and it may even be totally relevant to the situation. Maybe I offered you a bite? But I can’t help but think... are you trying to make me feel guilty? Can I just enjoy my burger in peace!?

I’m not going to tell you you’re a terrible person for not making the same lifestyle choices I’ve made. But I do think it’s important for consumers to be informed, especially if the processes and materials used to manufacture a product or offer a service could in any way cause pause.

I’ve committed my blog to be a resource for cruelty-free beauty products. I've created a Cruelty Free FAQ page (accessible on the menu bar) to answer some of the questions you may have about cruelty free makeup and beauty. Hope you enjoy!

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