RMS Beauty Full Face Brand Review

Can you believe it? I finally made my first YouTube video! This video is a review and try on of all of the rms beauty products I own - and there are quite a lot. 

Click below to learn which products are hot and which are not. I'll also give you my honest opinion of the brand and their product offerings. If you're interested in rms beauty and especially if you have a skin tone similar to mine, you won't want to miss it 🙂


The "Un" Cover Up in the shade 55 is both darker and also more yellow than the shade 44. The Kjaer Weiss foundation in Transparent is slightly lighter and more peachy than the shade 55. All of the foundations aside from the Honest Beauty Everything Creme foundation in Java match me well for the majority of the year. The Honest Beauty foundation is slightly too dark for me even in the summer.

Swatches of RMS Beauty Un Cover Up in shades 44 and 55, Kjaer Weis Foundation in Transparent, Honest Beauty Everything Foundation in Java, Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation in Banana on dark skin tan skin. Five Product Face. RMS Beauty Review.

As mentioned in the video, the Contour Bronze is much cooler-toned than the Buriti Bronzer. The Honest Beauty Contour Kit has matte shades, while the RMS Beauty products have a sheen. All five products shown below are very different, but their names are really true to their utility. The Buriti Bronzer and the Chantecaille Radiance Gel Bronzer are both warm and best for bronzing, while the other three shades (which are labeled as contours) are best for contouring.

Swatches of RMS Beauty Contour Bronze, RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer, Honest Beauty Contour + Highlight Kit, Chantecaille Radiance Gel Bronzer on dark skin tan skin. Five Product Face. RMS Beauty Review.

The highlighters below all look the same, but in my experience the Magic Luminizer is the most noticeable on the skin, the Kjaer Weiss Highlighter in Ravishing is the most natural, and the Honest Beauty gives a wet look. Unfortunately, the Honest Beauty has larger shimmer particles when you really look up close.

The Lip2Cheek in Promise is more pink, bright, and luminous than the Honest Beauty Creme Blush in Truly Teasing. However, they are both similar, and if you're just looking for a cream blush and not a lip product, I would recommend the Honest Beauty over the RMS.

Swatches of RMS Beauty Magic Luminizer, Kjaer Weis Highlighter in Ravishing, Honest Beauty Contour + Highlight Kit, RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Promise, Honest Beauty Creme Blush in Truly Teasing on dark skin tan skin. Five Product Face. RMS Beauty Review.

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