Glossier Lidstar Review

Glossier Lidstar.png

GLOSSIER LIDSTAR | $18 | 0.15 oz

During the launch of the Glossier Lidstar the beauty world began to quiver with unrestrained anticipation. They debuted it on Beyonce... it was this whole big thing. And I expected the final product - which was years in the making - to be the launch of the year. It wasn't, at least for me.

The day it came out I ordered two shades - Cub, a shimmery rose gold, and Slip, a baby pink with a gold shift. They’ve got this great offer where you can purchase two at a discount, so you know I had to jump on that.

Glossier Lidstar Swatch.png

First, let’s talk about the positives...

The packaging is cute. The applicator is perfect. It goes on easily. It lasts all day. There’s minimal creasing. It plays well with powders. It’s worth the price. It’s consistent with Glossier’s aesthetic. Seriously, it’s a good product.

I like to apply Cub to my entire lid and into the crease. I love how it’s close to my skin tone in depth but adds a subtle (read: work appropriate) pop of color. Then if I’m feeling adventurous I’ll put a little bit of Slip onto a very small brush and pat it onto the center of my lid and into the inner corners of my eyes to brighten up the look. If I really want to go there I’ll throw a little bronzer into the crease.

Glossier Lidstar Application.png

...But here’s why I wasn’t wowed.

It’s sheer as fuck. It’s not quite buildable. The shade range is pathetic. It’s not nearly as sparkly as advertised.

And I’d really like to take a moment to discuss the shade range. I love Glossier as a brand, I love what the stand for, I love how diverse their models are but I think they really missed an opportunity here. I think that brands have a tendency to feel that just because Lupita can wear their foundation that their work is done. But it’s not - all of the products should be inclusive and aside from Cub and the olive shade, the other colors just seem to come off as ashy and powdery and not particularly sparkly on dark skin. I don’t know... I was just hoping for more. 

Women with darker complexions tend to gravitate more toward deep bronzes and rich coppers and purples and gold (that’s just my observation) and I think that throwing in two or three shades like that would have been a good move on Glossier’s part. I get that there’s this whole pearl theme going on and that the color story of the line is more cool-toned. I just think they could have done better.

Glossier Lidstar on Face.png

Final Thoughts

This isn’t a bad product, and I’ll buy two more shades during my next Glossier order (there’s always a next Glossier order). I do recommend the Lidstar, especially for people who want something super quick and foolproof. I just wanted more out of the launch and I hope that they expand the shade range.

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