Rituel de Fille Carnal and Ravenous Lipstick Review

Rituel de Fille Carnal Ravenous Lipstick.png

Rituel de Fille Carnal & Ravenous Forbidden Lipstick | $24 each | 1.8 oz each

Rituel de Fille has been dropping new shades of their color cosmetics left and right. They are known for their edgy approach to green beauty, and I would describe them as the kind of Illamasqua of green beauty. The Forbidden Lipsticks in the shades Carnal and Ravenous have been all over my social media feeds and I was excited to purchase them and see how they would look on me.

As my friend Reagan would say, "Let's be real". Rituel de Fille does a terrible job of featuring women of color on their website and social media. And since a lot of their cosmetics feature more non-traditional shades, it's that much more important to show them off on different skin tones. So here I am.


Rituel De Fille Carnal.png
Rituel de Fille Carnal on Light Skin.jpg

"Carnal: A bite, a flush. The heart flutters, pulsing blood through a web of arteries. Just beneath the surface of warm skin, an inflorescence of capillaries blooms in rose."

As you can see, this looks absolutely nothing like the promotional image on me. The promotional image shows a muted warm-toned rosey red. On me, it's a light-medium cool toned mauvy pink. 

The formula was drier than I expected, so dry that I had to wait a few days for my lips to be a little more moisturized before I took these photos. It's not uncomfortable, but my lips had to be in good condition for the shade to look flattering on me.


Rituel de Fille Ravenous.png
Rituel de Fille Ravenous on Light Skin.jpg

"Ravenous: A bite, a break. Red flows darkly, swelling with each heartbeat. Drops fall, cluster, merge. The blood slowly, silently darkens."

Now this shade was a lot more predictable for my skin tone. It's a beautiful blackened red shade with not a hint of brightness - just rich, pigmented brown-red. What was weird was that this formula was a lot creamier than the last. In this picture, I'm wearing it with a generous swatch on my lips. But after I finished talking the photos I was able to blot it to a perfect matte finish. I just wish that Carnal had the same formula.

Final Thoughts

I'm very pleased with my purchase. Although I wish Carnal had a creamier formula, both shades are welcome additions to my collection which mostly consist of my-lips-but-better shades and nudes. And although I wish Rituel de Fille had more diverse representation on their social media, I love that there are brands doing something different in the green beauty/clean beauty space.